Steinar KloverodMy name is Steinar Kloverod. My surname is Kløverød when you write it with the Norwegian alphabet. I am 70 years old,born in 1949. I am a Norwegian citizen. I live in a town in Norway called Skien in the southern part of Norway.

I am educated from high school and university to be an municipality administrator and planner. I have worked for about 45 years in different municipalities, county administrations and regional government administrations. I was for about 19 years executive leader of a municipality administration. Here I also served the politicians with information and wrote cases for them to the council.

The last 10 years of my working life I also was a planner and made different municipal plans and gave permissions to people to build houses, make private roads and many other things that was handled in a municipality. Now I have been retired for about three years.

I would like to use my expertise on public rules to help people with information about laws, rules and regulations in different situations where people need such information before writing to public administrations or having meetings with them. The information I will write about on the website must be on a general basis. It will not be possible for me to surve people with their cases. You have lawyers for that kind of support.

I will also write articles about how public services are affected of both laws and regulations and the governments politics.  Hope you will find my articles interesting and give comments and come with questions to them if you feel for it.